Killer Ebay Tips

رسم بياني أزرق وأصفر على مراقب سوق الأسهم
How to stand out more then others in ebay Here is a list of ideas to stand out , over your competitors.

Better letter Head

Better Graphics

Offer something else with your product - One word "Bonus"

Put a Guarantee - this gives you some credibility

Put Testimonials in your descriptions - Its a proven fact that Testimonials
Sell products.

Use Keywords in your title - This will give you more visitors. Most searches are
done with out have the "search descriptions and title" tab checked. This means
that most searches are done by looking at the title only.

Put in your details - This gives you credibility as well, name , email, PHONE NUMBER.
The customer wants to know if they have a problem they can contact you.

Use your payment receipt - A lot of people forget about this. After a payment is made,
lets say with pay pal, a receipt is sent to the buyer. You can customize
this receipt, its a great chance for you to try and sell them something else or
to get them to your website.

Some people get caught up in the "Sell Product For More Money,
Make More Money" routine.

Remember that you not just selling that one item, you are trying to
get customers for life. You are trying to get there email, there
trust. Once you have these you will be able to sell them not
just one product but many products over and over again with
little or no effort.

To get more visitors to your auction you could sell a product that is
in a high traffic category and sell it cheap.

How do you know what is a high traffic category in ebay ?
Look at the number of auctions in it. If they are really large numbers
then they are more then likely to be a high traffic category.

If you are looking for traffic, remember that selling more items at
a lower price is better then selling 1 at a high price.

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