Killer Ebay Tps 2

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Ebay tips. Part 1 Please remember this is only a small amount of info that is shown in our EBAY VIDEO TUTORIAL
This can be viewed at

Do you know what one of the biggest money makers on ebay is?
Do you know that is has nothing to do with the auction you are selling?

That's right, can you think of it?
The answer is the about me page, that's right. Let me say it again,
The About Me Page.

This one page is the key to making alot of extra money from ebay.
Every visitor to your auction is a customer.They come to your
auction, have a look at it, then they decide if it interests them, then they either
buy it or leave. Why not try to sell the visitor that is not interested in your item,
an item that they are interested in.
Now the best way to do this is to use the about me page.

The key is getting the visitor to the about me page, if they don't want the item.
How are you going to do that ?
Ask yourself this: What is the best price for something ?
What is the number one clicked on advertising word ?
The answer is FREE. The best price for anything is FREE.

So how do you use this for the about me page.
Well the first thing you have on your auction is a little headline or statement
basically saying "Just for taking a look at our auction we are giving away .....
Click here to find out how to receive it" . Then have the link to your about me page.
This in my experience is the best way to getting traffic to your about me page.

Once you have the visitor on your about me page what do you do with them ?

Once they are on the page you are basically trying to sell them something more,
or get them to go to your web site for a different product.

How are you going to get them to read your add if they are looking for the free
product ?

A good way of doing this is have the free product at the bottom of the page with
a statement at the top stating "To get your free ... please scroll down to the bottom
of the page". This way they have to scroll past the ads and graphics and hopefully
something will grab there attention.

So let say the visitor doesn't buy your auction , doesn't go for your other products on your
about me page and just downloads the free product.
So what dp you have in return for all your work?
Nothing right ? No money, no sale.................. or do you have something ?

If you set it up correctly you will have something. Something that could be worth
alot of money. There email address !!!!!

In the video we go threw how you set this up so that it is fully automated.

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